Undergraduate Program

The Department of Psychology welcomes students with a range of interests.

A rigorous understanding of human behavior and mental processes can be applied to almost any vocation. Students with a psychology degree have successfully pursued careers in science, clinical psychology, teaching, public policy, medicine, business, law, economics and sometimes even the performing arts.

The psychology concentration, within the Division of Natural Sciences, provides foundational and advanced undergraduate courses on sensation, perception, movement, language, reasoning, decision making, and social interaction. Because psychological science involves working with large and complex datasets, students learn basic statistical methods. The psychology concentration also provides a grounding in neuroscience, since mental processes and behavior arise from the brain.

Psychology majors have an opportunity to be involved in cutting-edge research for their independent work. Our faculty members represent a diversity of research topics including the development of perception and language in infants and children, the use of neural measures for understanding memory and attention, the impact of implicit biases and stereotypes on social cognition, the neural basis of social communication, and many other topics. These research experiences, combined with the course offerings, prepare concentrators for a range of possible careers.

Please contact the undergraduate administrator with any questions.