Tim Buschman

Dynamics of executive function.

Photo of Rebecca Carey

Adversity and close relationships through a sociocultural lens

Jonathan Cohen

Computational and neural basis of cognitive control.

Alin Coman

Social cognition and the cognitive grounding of collective phenomena.

Joel Cooper

Cognitive dissonance, attitude formation and change.

Photo of Molly Crockett

Cognitive and neural foundations of social learning and decision-making.

Nathaniel Daw

Computational, behavioral and neural approaches to learning and decision making.

Susan Fiske

Social cognition, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination.

Asif Ghazanfar

Developmental neuroscience of vocal communication.

Adele Goldberg

Language acquisition and language processing.

Michael Graziano

Neural and computational basis of consciousness.

Tom Griffiths

Computational models of cognition.

Uri Hasson

Neural basis of human communication.

Sabine Kastner

Neural mechanisms of visual perception and attention.

Casey Lew-Williams

Development of language and cognition in infancy.

Tania Lombrozo

Behavioral and philosophical foundations of learning, reasoning, and decision-making.

Yael Niv

Reinforcement learning and decision making, computational cognitive neuropsychiatry.

Photo of Erik Nook

Integrative approaches to how language shapes emotion

Kenneth Norman

Cognitive neuroscience of learning and memory.

Kristina Olson

How children and adolescents think about themselves and the people around them.

Elizabeth Levy-Paluck

Prejudice and conflict reduction using large-scale field experiments.

Deborah Prentice

Perception and response to social norms.

Emily Pronin

Processes involved in self and social perception.

Eldar Shafir

Behavioral economics of scarcity.

Nicole Shelton

Social interactions, prejudice and intergroup interactions.

Stacey Sinclair

Interpersonal interactions, prejudice and stereotypes

Susan Sugarman

Psychology of ordinary mental life; theoretical psychology; developmental psychology.

Diana Tamir

Neural basis of the self and its impact on social interactions.

Jordan Taylor

Motor control and learning

Photo of Natalia Vélez

Cognitive foundations of collaboration

Photo of Elke Weber

Decision making under risk, uncertainty, and time delay; role of memory, attention and emotion in preference construction; environmental decision making; neuroeconomics