Elizabeth Gould

Elizabeth Gould
Dorman T. Warren Professor
A56 Princeton Neuroscience Institute
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New neurons (red) and microglia (green) in the hippocampus

My laboratory studies structural plasticity in the adult mammalian brain. We are interested in identifying the environmental, hormonal and neural stimuli that drive changes in the number, shape and size of neurons, astrocytes and microglia. The ultimate goals of our work are to determine the impact changes in brain structure have on cognition and anxiety regulation, as well as to identify factors that enhance plasticity and cell survival in the developing and adult mammalian brain. 



Representative Publications

Cope EC, LaMarca EA, Monari PK, Olson LB, Martinez S, Zych AD, Katchur NJ, Gould E. (2018) Microglia play an active role in obesity-associated cognitive decline.  J Neurosci. Sep 10. pii: 0789-18. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0789-18.2018.

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Briones BA, Tang VD, Haye AE, Gould E (2018) Response learning stimulates dendritic spine growth on dorsal striatal medium spiny neurons. Neurobiol Learn Mem. 155:50-59.

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Brockett AT, Kane GA, Monari PK, Briones BA, Vigneron PA, Barber GA, Bermudez A, Dieffenbach U, Kloth AD, Buschman TJ, Gould E. (2018) Evidence supporting a role for astrocytes in the regulation of cognitive flexibility and neuronal oscillations through the CA2+ binding protein S100B. PLoS One. 13(4):e0195726.

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Murthy S, Gould E (2018) Early Life Stress in Rodents: Animal Models of Illness or Resilience? Frontiers Behav Neurosci 12:157

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Cope EC, Briones BA, Brockett AT, Martinez S, Vigneron PA, Opendak M, Wang SS, Gould E (2016) Immature neurons and radial glia, but not astrocytes or microglia, are altered in adult Cntnap2 and Shank3 mice, models of autism eNeuro. 17;3(5).

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