Casey Lew-Williams

Casey Lew-Williams
Assistant Professor
216 Peretsman Scully Hall
Ph.D. Stanford University

Most babies and toddlers have a prodigious ability to learn language, in part because they spend a lot of time listening, looking, and interacting with caregivers. In the Princeton Baby Lab, we study domain-general learning mechanisms and specific features of learning environments in order to understand the beginnings of human cognition and their consequences on children's outcomes.

Each young child's ability to find structure in patterned input is rooted in and shaped by experience. To investigate why experience is important, we manipulate subtle aspects of exposure to language in distilled, 5-minute simulations of learning, and we also define experience in a more ecological way by investigating typicality vs. adversity in developmental circumstances. Using a broad construal of what it means to be in a non-standard language environment, our research includes children learning two languages, children in poverty, and adults learning a second language. We combine motivations and methods from the fields of psychology, linguistics, and communication sciences & disorders, and we measure the complexities of simple behaviors like eye and head movements, attention to referents, and communication with others.

Representative Publications

Ferguson, B., & Lew-Williams, C. (2016). Communicative signals support abstract rule learning by 7-month-old infants. Scientific Reports, 6, 25434.

PDF (349.48 KB)

Schwab, J. F., & Lew-Williams, C. (2016). Repetition across successive sentences facilitates young children’s word learning. Developmental Psychology, 52, 879-886.

PDF (412.57 KB)

Schwab, J. F., & Lew-Williams, C. (2016). Language learning, socioeconomic status, and child-directed speech. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science, 7, 264-275.

PDF (168.5 KB)

Graf Estes, K., & Lew-Williams, C. (2015). Listening through voices: Infant statistical word segmentation across multiple speakers. Developmental Psychology, 51, 1517-1528.

PDF (350.25 KB)

Byers-Heinlein, K., & Lew-Williams, C. (2013). Bilingualism in the early years: What the science says. Learning Landscapes, 7, 95-112.

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