News Archive 2021

► Professor Ken Norman and other researchers explore the science of mind reading

"During the past few decades, the state of neuroscientific mind reading has advanced substantially. Cognitive psychologists armed with an fMRI machine can tell whether a person is having depressive thoughts; they can see which concepts a student has mastered by comparing his brain patterns with those of his teacher. By analyzing brain scans, a computer system can edit together crude reconstructions of movie clips you’ve watched. One research group has used similar technology to accurately describe the dreams of sleeping subjects.

► Psychology Professor and Graduate Student discover new strategy to encourage vaccinations and masking

Department of Psychology Professor, Joel Cooper, and Graduate Student, Logan Pearce, have discovered an approach that they found successfully motivated people to make appointments for vaccinations and to consistently follow measures such as social distancing and mask wearing.

► Class Day 2021: Graduating seniors, honors recipients, and award winners

The Department of Psychology held its annual Class Day event on Monday, May 24, 2021, to celebrate graduating seniors, honors recipients, and award winners.

Honors Recipients

During the celebrations, the Department recognized the following Class of 2021 Honors recipients.

Highest Honors

Kennedy Casey, Samantha Grayson, James Packman, and Ella Whitfield

High Honors

Tara Blundell, Emma Cottrill, Carson Gutiérrez, Shira Moolten, and Emma Rafter