Graduate student Joseph Avery named grant recipient from the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy

May 20, 2019

Congratulations to Psychology graduate student Joseph Avery, who has been named a grant recipient from the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy for his work on bias in the law.

Avery holds degrees in philosophy, economics, psychology, and law, and he has both practiced as an attorney and co-founded a legal technology startup. His academic research employs psychology to explain sub-optimal legal decision making, and it employs advanced computational techniques to devise interventions to improve legal decision making.

"Because my research is interdisciplinary, drawing on psychology, law, and computer science, and because it requires active engagement from professionals, especially attorneys, funding from generous and mission-driven organizations like the Horowitz Foundation is essential. I'm grateful for the support, and I'm equally grateful to join the community of Horowitz grantees and learn about my peers' research," said Avery.

The Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy was established in 1997 by Irving Louis Horowitz and Mary E. Curtis as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Its general purpose is to support the advancement of research and understanding in the major fields of the social sciences. Its specific purpose is to provide small grants to aspiring Ph.D. students at the dissertation level to support the research they are undertaking for their project.

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