Tess Neal, Arizona State University

Sep 16, 2019, 12:00 pm12:00 pm
101 Peretsman Scully Hall


Event Description

"Developing an Integrated Model of Bias in Human Judgment"

This talk introduces an emerging model of bias in human judgment that integrates evidence from various fields and theories to explain when and why people are protected against vs. especially vulnerable to bias. In predictable circumstances, people can override some biases.  However, there is also counterintuitive evidence that deliberative cognitive processes can exacerbate biases rather than reduce them.  This model seeks to account for all of the available evidence, and aims to predict when and how people will demonstrate specific biases in judgment, as well as when and how to mitigate specific biases in judgment. I will share some of my own work and ideas for future studies, and I hope to solicit your feedback to help refine and test this integrated, cohesive model during the seminar session.  

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