Matthew Sachs (Post-doctoral Fellow, Columbia University)

Nov 1, 2021, 12:00 pm1:00 pm
PSH 101 & Zoom


Event Description

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"A neurobehavioral account of emotions and their dynamics in response to music and movies"

Our emotions color nearly every aspect of our lives: they are the reason that we know what to care about in the moment, the reason we can make informed choices about our futures and the reason we remember the most intimate moments of our past. At the heart of the word “emotion” lies a Latin root meaning “to move.” When we suddenly erupt with anger or experience waves of grief, it is easy to appreciate the kinetic origins of the term. Yet despite the etymology, traditional behavioral and neuroimaging paradigms tend to rely on static emotional stimuli (e.g., images or faces) and univariate models that average information across time. Such methods are sub-optimal for understanding emotions as we experience them in everyday life. Given that they unfold continuously and can reliably convey a range of emotions, music and films are ideal stimuli for studying complex, multifaceted affective experiences in the lab. Today, I will discuss several projects that use music and film, in combination with data-driven models, to uncover spatiotemporal patterns in brain and bodily signal that reflect dynamic emotional experiences. These projects strive to provide insights into the ways in which cognitive and neural systems behave when engaging with emotional stimuli in more naturalistic settings.

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