Linda X. Zou (Assistant Professor, University of Maryland)

Oct 25, 2021, 12:00 pm1:00 pm
PSH 101* & Zoom


Event Description


"Two Axes of Racial Subordination"

The United States' racial and ethnic landscape continues to undergo transformative shifts, with post-1960s immigration playing a large role. The expanded presence of Latinx Americans, Asian Americans, and other racial and ethnic minority groups has underscored the need to better incorporate these groups' experiences into social psychological scholarship and research. In this talk, I will first present support for a two-dimensional Racial Position Model that goes beyond the traditional racial hierarchy to explore how the two axes of perceived inferiority and cultural foreignness together shape racial and ethnic minority groups' distinct patterns of experiences in the U.S.  Next, I will discuss recent findings exploring the implications of groups' two-dimensional racial positioning, including consequences for Whites' perceptions of intergroup threats in neighborhoods and racial and ethnic minority groups' outcomes in the labor market.

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*Those who do not work in Psychology or Neuroscience are invited to attend via Zoom only.

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