Code of Conduct

Community values

The Department of Psychology is committed to ensuring an inclusive and diverse community that provides a safe environment for learning and working in which everyone can thrive. We promote honesty and integrity and we encourage healthy debate, discourse, and exchange of ideas.

Respect and support community members

  • Respect the professional, physical, and personal boundaries of community members
  • Be courteous in your interactions with and discourse about others
  • Give community members a chance to voice their thoughts
  • Work to ensure that all community members have equal access to opportunities
  • Ensure that, when offered, criticism is polite and constructive
  • Avoid judging, discriminating, or making unwelcome jokes or disparaging remarks
  • Support those who report grievances

Commit to openness and inclusion

  • Be receptive to discussions of ways to improve the work environment and work relationships
  • Be prepared to explain your actions and modify them as necessary when their intent may be unclear or viewed as problematic

Take initiative

  • Take it upon yourself to eliminate challenges or barriers to success that community members may face
  • Contribute to our community by offering your time to help others and by striving to be an excellent lab and departmental citizen
  • Speak up when others are exhibiting conduct unbecoming of our community values, including situations when they are disrespectful of a group or class of people even when members of that group are not present
  • Acquaint yourself with policy as set forth in the University Rights, Rules, Responsibilities document.