Degree Requirements

The psychology concentration requires graded completion (without PDF) of at least eight courses within the department in addition to the three prerequisite courses. If they were not already taken as prerequisites, students must take PSY 252, PSY 255, and either PSY 258 or NEU 200. It is recommended that students finish these three courses by the end of junior year.

One of the eight departmental courses must be PSY 300 (Research Methods in Psychology), which must be completed by the end of junior year.

Of the remaining departmental courses, all must be 200-level or higher and at least four must be 300-level or higher. Students can take up to two cognate courses from other departments, approved by the Psychology Departmental Representative, to count as departmental courses.

Any variations from these requirements must be approved by the Psychology Departmental Representative.

Psychology concentrators must also successfully pass the junior and senior independent work.

The PSY GPA is an average of the grades from all eleven courses taken toward the psychology degree (three prerequisites and eight departmental courses), with the exception of courses taken outside Princeton University.

See the Office of the Registrar Psychology course offerings for details.