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The Program in Neuroscience is designed for students with strong interests in molecular biology, psychology and related disciplines who wish to pursue an interdisciplinary study of brain function in their Junior and Senior independent work. The program encourages the serious study of molecular, cellular, developmental and systems neuroscience as it interfaces with cognitive and behavioral research. Current examples at Princeton include: the role of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors in learning and memory, neural stem cells in the adult brain, viral infections of the nervous system, event analysis at single synapses, brain imaging studies of cognitive functions such as attention and memory in human subjects, and mathematical and computational analysis of neural network function. The program offers a combination of courses and interdisciplinary research that meet the requirements of the molecular biology and psychology departments. Students in the program should be well placed to meet the entry requirements of graduate schools in neuroscience, as well as molecular biology or psychology. Courses are chosen with the help of advisors in the molecular biology, psychology and other related departments. A certificate in neuroscience is awarded to students who successfully complete the program.

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