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Matthew Botvinick
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Andrew Conway
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Susan Fiske
Asif Ghazanfar
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Michael Graziano
Charles Gross
Uri Hasson
Barry Jacobs
Sabine Kastner
Yael Niv
Kenneth Norman
Daniel Osherson
Elizabeth Levy Paluck
Deborah Prentice
Emily Pronin
Eldar Shafir
Nicole Shelton
Stacey Sinclair
Susan Sugarman
Jordan Taylor
Alexander Todorov
Nicholas Turk-Browne
Ilana Witten
Alin Coman

This section is devoted to faculty research. Use the links along the left side of the page to browse through various faculty members' research areas. Most faculty pages feature a case study describing some of their more interesting work.

For a list of "big picture" questions that guide the research, click here.